Reward Stores Overview

A great way to drive participation in a loyalty program is to offer a configurable Reward Store. In the Reward Stores module you can build and configure stores with a wide variety of controls. For instance, you can create stores that contain offers targeted to specific audiences or stores that contain deals for hidden menu items only available to certain members, thus enforcing exclusivity and motivating additional behavior. Stores can be set to run for a limited amount of time, or to be “evergreen” and never expire.


Customers can have access to multiple reward stores at the same time.

Reward Stores Dashboard

The Reward Stores Dashboard is where you can create new stores plus view and manage your existing stores. Tabs provide a way to filter by status, and you can search by name within each tab. Stores with a start date that has not yet occurred can be seen in the “Future” tab. Likewise, any store that had an end date that has passed can be seen in the “Past” tab.

The dashboard for the Reward Stores module.

Creating a Reward Store

To create a Reward Store, simply click on the Add Reward Store button in the upper right of the dashboard. You’ll be presented with a form to fill out. The sections of the form are detailed below.

Name the Reward Store

The name of the store is for internal use only and not seen by customers. It will appear on the reward store dashboard so you can make it as descriptive as you want.

Store names are for internal use only.

Set the Active Period

You must set a start date for your store, which is when it will be available to customers. The end date can either be set to No End Date to create an “evergreen” store, or set to a specific date and time. Be aware that time is set to UTC. If you leave the time field blank on the start or end date, it will default to midnight.

Set when your store will be available to your customers.

Define Access to the Store

By default a store is configured to be public and open to all customers in your platform. However, you can limit the audience to those that have been invited or to those who are eligible simply because of their current tier level within a point economy.

Invite – Currently you can only invite users via our API. When you select this option you will see the number of users who have been invited.

Tier Level – When you select this option, you’ll be presented with a dropdown menu of all the point economies and their tier levels to choose from.

Access to reward stores can be public, by invitation or by tier level.

Select Point Accounts

You need to select which point account or accounts the reward store will accept points from. This allows you to create stores that only accept promotional points versus organic points, and so on.

Only selected point accounts can be used to buy items from the store.

Add Offers to the Store

Before you can add offers to your store, you need to first save the store. Make sure you have a store name, the active period set and at least one spendable account chosen and then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Once saved, the page will reload and you will see an empty offers table, with an Add Offer button in the upper right.

Once the store is saved, you’ll see the empty offers table with a button to add offers.

Click the Add Offer button to open a modal window that displays all your offers.

Find the offers you want to add from the Offers List and click the Add link under the Actions column for the item. Added offers will move into the Selected Offers section at the top of the modal. When you have all the offers you want, click the Save button at the bottom of the modal. You can add more offers at any point.

Select the offers you want to be available in your reward store.


You can add draft offers to the reward store but they won’t appear until the offer is set live and the start date has passed.

Back on the Reward Store page you will see the list of offers added to the store. The offers appear with their default start and end dates and cost. You can edit any of those values to be something custom for the store. To remove an offer, simply click the remove link in the Actions column.

Added offers can be customized in the store to change their start and end dates as well as their cost.


Pay attention to the offer dates. A “Live” offer with a start date still in the future won’t appear in your store until that date arrives. Likewise, an offer with an end date earlier than your store’s end date would be removed sooner than you may want.


If you add an offer to the reward store with a price of 0 points, it will automatically appear as issued to all users with access to that reward store.

Add Custom Data

This optional section allows you to add additional data attributes about the reward store that can be returned in API calls for displaying the reward store information.

Custom data is optional

To add metadata, click on the Edit button in the upper right of the section to open a modal window. Here you can add the property and value you want to append to the reward store.

You can set any key-value pair that you need to display extra information.

Editing a Reward Store

You can edit a reward store at any point, even after it has launched. Simply click the Edit link from the Reward Store dashboard. You will see the same form as when you created the store, and you can edit all the fields.