Onboarding with SessionM

Once you’ve decided to take the next step towards omnichannel data and engagement with SessionM, our team will help design and implement the right solution to align with your goals.

Meet Your Team

We’ll put together a dedicated group of team members to assist with onboarding, integrations, and strategy execution. Here are the people you’ll work with:

Customer Success Manager – Your primary SessionM contact, here to make sure you get the most out of our features and functionality. The Customer Success Manager will help determine, optimize, and report against your KPIs within the program.

Project Manager – In constant contact during the course of your integration, the Project Manager will assist with project scheduling and tracking along with risk identification and resolution.

Integration Engineer – Keeping the nuts and bolts together, the Integration Engineer will work through the needed technical exploration and assist with troubleshooting during the process.

SessionM’s Subject Matter Experts – We’re all invested in your success. Based on the scale of your integration, additional team members will be included to assist where necessary.

Establish Goals and Opportunities

We’ll take your full requirements into account when planning our integration strategy to ensure our platform is fine-tuned to provide the best customer experiences and most relevant insights.

Specific goals will be developed for your integration along with the holistic program as we examine your business needs, technical requirements, and reporting expectations.

Design Your Approach

Our team will work with you using an agile approach to integrate our systems with yours, and implement the elements of our platform that best align to your strategy.

We’ll work through a number of phases to ensure a successful launch, including:

Discovery – Align the integration of our platform with your business goals and customer use cases.

Planning – Establish user stories and test criteria to ensure that the integration goes smoothly.

Development – Harmonize our platform with your systems to present a seamless experience to customers.

Test & Optimize – End to end testing to ensure our platform is working properly within your various properties.

Launch – Deploy and monitor the success of your program, examining for enhancements in the future.