Identity Service Interface

SessionM’s Identity Service can be presented to customers in a number of different ways based on their customer status (new/returning) and the type of digital property (mobile/desktop) being used.

Desktop Interface

This interface is designed to enable customers to login from computer based properties, with elements that allow customers to enter their email and password or use a social identity provider (Facebook, Google, etc.) for access.

Desktop Login UI

For new customers who choose the “Sign Up” option, they are presented with a different interface to capture new customer profile data.

Desktop Registration UI

Registration fields can be customized to capture the most relevant profile information, which is appended to the customer profile within the SessionM Platform.

Mobile Interface

Customers accessing a brand’s program on a mobile device are presented the same Identity Service elements, with a more responsive look.

Mobile Login UI and Mobile Registration UI

These mobile based elements of the Identity Service feature can be used either through the mobile web or within a brand’s mobile app.

Through cross platform registration and log-in, the Identity Service feature within the SessionM Platform ensures that customers are recognized during each digital step of their journey, establishing a single customer view that is essential to the everyday marketer.