Identity Management Overview

SessionM’s Identity Management capabilities enable a brand to use integrated login, registration, and customer profile management features across their web and mobile properties. The Identity Service feature leverages OAuth2 and OpenID to provide standards-based integration mechanisms for social identity providers (such as Facebook or Google) or custom brand-hosted identity solutions.

Identity Service Features

Capabilities within the SessionM Platform’s Identity Service include registration/login capture, the ability to login through a social network provider, integration with existing Customer Identity Access Management systems, and support across APIs and the SessionM SDK.


With the SessionM Identity Service enabled, a brand’s customers are able to register for an account across both mobile and desktop properties with their email and created password, using SessionM’s hosted web user interface.

Registration Example View (Desktop)

The user interface is customizable to the brand’s color and design scheme preferences. The UI provides dual functionality within a single URL, enabling a first time customer to register and a returning customer to log in to their existing account.

Social Identity Provider Authorization

Platform users can additionally choose to authorize access to the program using a social identity provider such as Facebook or Google. SessionM can also support additional social identity providers if they are OAuth2-standards based.

“Log In with Social” Feature (Desktop)

If the social identity login route is chosen, the customer is authorizing access to their account information from the identity provider (social network), and the SessionM Platform uses that information to create their account and allow subsequent login for the initial session and sessions to follow. Customers who are active users of a social network typically gravitate towards social login support as the feature adds layers of convenience and familiarity.

Brand-Hosted Identity Provider Integration

Many organizations have existing centralized CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) systems. SessionM’s Identity Service can integrate with such systems via OAuth2-based standard mechanisms, supporting a wide range of customer registration and access flows.

Profile Update

For brands seeking to collect additional data points from customers, such as a child’s birthday for a child-focused brand, or coffee preference for a cafe franchise, SessionM is able to provide a page through the Identity Service solution where customers can be prompted to provide these types of missing information. This can either take place during registration or later on in the customer’s journey. Additionally, the SessionM Platform’s Customer APIs can be leveraged to update the customer’s 360-degree profile at any time.

Related Topics

Forgot/Reset Password

SessionM supports reset/forgot password flows as part of the Identity Service capabilities. Customers who select “Forgot Password” receive an email from the SessionM Platform with a prompt to reset their password. This flow is supported if the customer has registered with the brand using their email and password, but is not for social authorization accounts. Customers using the social login method must follow password reset procedures for the applicable social account.

SDK Support

The SessionM SDK is fully supported by the Identity Service, providing a cross-platform solution that supports iOS and Android devices along with the web.

API Support

SessionM’s Identity Service also supports a set of APIs which can enable a brand to completely handle the login/registration flow themselves on the web or in the app via SessionM’s SDK. This approach offers the maximum flexibility for brands that would like to design their own login/registration interface. To learn more about the features and considerations each approach involves, please contact the SessionM team.