Module Overviews

The SessionM Platform is partitioned into a number of modules, each serving a unique function to help support your brand’s loyalty and engagement strategies. Explore a brief overview of what we have to offer within each or select a specific module for a deeper dive.

Customer Modules

Customer Profiles – The Customer Profiles Module is where all of your customer data lives. This part of the SessionM Platform captures how customers engage with your program at an individual level.

Event stream and customer performance metrics within the Customer Profiles Module.

The module is also designed to function as a customer care center, where customer service team members can quickly and easily examine events logged against the customer’s account, understand who the customer is, triage any account issues and make any necessary updates to an account.

Audiences – The Audiences Module allows you to define segments of your customer base you want to track using demographic and behavioral data.

Build and size custom audiences for analysis and deploying relevant campaigns within the Audiences Module.

You can analyze changes to your audiences over time and use these audiences in campaign messaging.

Campaign & Content Modules

Campaigns – The Campaigns Module is the hub for creating marketing content and engagements within the SessionM Platform.

Drive customers towards and incentivize the result of high value behaviors within the Campaigns Module.

Through the module, you can build and execute marketing campaigns by targeting a set of customers with relevant marketing content across a variety of channels. The module also allows you to enhance a campaign by applying a behavior-driven reward.

Offer Management Modules

Offers – The Offers Module is the location within the platform for creating and managing closed loop promotion outcomes, loyalty rule outcomes and reward store elements.

Drive high value behaviors with a variety of offers within the Offers Module.

Through this module, you are able to establish the rules of your offer, upload creative, manage its placement in a reward store and understand its impact through performance metrics.

Promo Codes – The Promo Codes Module allows you to generate several types of promo codes with specific outcomes tied to them.

Generate promo codes for your customers and view their success within the Promo Codes Module.

Promo codes can be distributed through customer service agents, printed and handed out at live events, or used within broader marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Modules

Loyalty Rules – The Loyalty Rules Module allows you to set the foundational rules that orchestrate how loyalty program members can earn points and other rewards.

Create the foundational rules for your loyalty program within the Loyalty Rules Module.

When a customer joins a loyalty program, these loyalty rules are the foundation for the earning opportunities presented to them; for example, “Earn 2 points for each dollar you spend.”

Tiers – Tier systems typically serve as the foundation of many loyalty programs. The Tiers Module allows you to create, modify and manage your tier systems.

Create and Manage Tier Systems within your loyalty program with the Tiers Module.

You have the ability to assign tier-based benefits to customers who have shown their loyalty by engaging with your platform. The more customers engage and support your programs, the better they are rewarded.

Loyalty Reporting – The Loyalty Reporting Module provides a consolidated location to view reporting as it pertains to your loyalty program.

Visualize the status of your loyalty program and the members within it using the Loyalty Reporting Module.

More specifically, you can see metrics on loyalty members, the points economy and customer engagement.

Configuration Modules

Admin & Rights– The Admin & Rights Module allows platform users with administrator privileges to create and manage accounts within the SessionM Platform. From the Admin & Rights Module, you can create, review, edit and disable accounts.

Create and manage platform accounts and access privileges with the Admin & Rights Module.

You can also configure the modules to which an account has access, along with classifying accounts into account groups within your organization.

Digital Properties – The Digital Properties Module allows you to create, edit, review, and disable applications (also known as properties) which customers interact with as part of their experience with your brand.

Enable customers to interact with your brand across multiple properties with the Digital Properties Module.

From within the Digital Properties Module, you can configure push notifications for native mobile apps, view the API key and secret created by the platform for your properties and specify other relevant information.

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