Creating Outcomes

Each of the four behavior sections in a tier level can set outcomes as the result of customers completing the behaviors specified. These outcomes are tied to each rule builder you add, which allows you to create very specific experiences for your customers.

The outcome section of the rule builder will show outcomes and allow you to edit or add more.

The outcomes box displays an overview of the number of different outcomes you have set up. You can click on the outcome name to expand the area and see a summary of that outcome.

Validation errors or unsaved outcomes are highlighted in the outcomes box.

When you add outcomes, they are in an unsaved state until you save the rule builder. This is indicated with the red text next to each outcome type in the box. When you see a red triangle next to the outcomes header, that means there are validation errors in the outcome modal that you need to fix before the rule builder can be saved.


If you set up an outcome, you also need a behavior rule in order to trigger the outcome being given. However, you can create behavior rules without outcomes, such as creating maintenance rules to determine whether customers can stay in a given level.

To add or edit your outcomes, click the Edit button. This will open the outcomes modal window.

The outcomes modal is where you configure benefits associated to your behavior rules.

The outcomes modal shows each type of outcome you can configure: offers, points and tags. Details for building out each offer type are described below.

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