Configuring a New Point Economy

Once you’ve created your point economy, you are taken into the setup screen. Here you are presented with the first tier level of the economy to configure. This level is created with the default name of “Tier Level 1,” which you can change at any time. You can add more levels as needed, and will be required to name each level when you create it. As with the economy name, this is only seen internally and not by customers.

The top portion of the point economy setup page.

The top of the page deals with the point economy name, which is an editable text field, and basic level information. Each level also has its own publishing settings, allowing you to keep levels in draft mode or paused as needed.


Publishing the point economy does not automatically publish all levels within the economy. You should always check that each level is in the state you want before publishing a new point economy.

The remainder of the setup page deals with creating rules and outcomes for the four behavior sections that make up a level.

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