Customer Data Management Overview

SessionM’s customer data management solution creates a unified view of the customer, which activates smarter targeting, personalization and real-time interactions. This view enables a truly one-to-one, efficient customer experience.

There are three types of data that are essential to the SessionM Platform:

  • Declared – Data provided to SessionM by the customer during account creation or account modification (e.g., name, address, email), along with direct input data from additional sources (e.g., completing a survey).
  • Observed – Customer behaviors across engagement channels, such as making a purchase, opening an email, or interacting with an app, website, or piece of content.
  • Calculated – Values established through observing a customer’s historical behavior, suggesting the customer’s overall value to a client’s program, such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) or RFM metrics.

The platform ingests, filters, and enriches data from multiple data streams in order to create a near real-time view of customer interactions. This view can power insightful understandings of a client’s overall customer base and, as a result, ensure more successful customer engagements.

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