Challenges We Can Solve

The SessionM Platform provides a wide array of features, empowering category leading enterprise clients spanning across verticals. Through solutions that drive value across the entire customer lifecycle, see exactly how our technology is equipped to solve a marketer’s toughest everyday challenges.

Customer Data Management

Customer data is often stored in multiple, disparate sources

Challenge: Customer data is often times located in disparate channels and databases, making it difficult for the marketer to establish a single view of each customer and act on this view with relevant engagements.

SessionM Solution: SessionM’s customer data management solution is able to ingest data from multiple sources such as transactions (in-store, online, in-app), cross-channel campaign behaviors, customer service records and more to assemble a single record of each customer. This record can then be leveraged in a number of ways, including:

  • Customer Event Stream – View aggregated data in a single customer profile to understand their cross-channel behaviors and purchase history.
  • Real-Time Campaigns – Send a message at the moment of impact by triggering its delivery based on behaviors ingested into the customer profile.
  • Complex Loyalty Rules – Build loyalty rules powered by high value customer behaviors to award points, digital/physical goods, or offers at the moment specified customer behaviors takes place.

SKUs are always changing, requiring frequent updates to deploy marketing campaigns

Challenge: It’s difficult for a marketer to organize and use their brands SKUs so they can be applied to specific marketing campaigns.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform is able to ingest and organize all SKU level data to provide insight into the hierarchical structure along with other attributes related to a specific SKU. Once ingested, this data can be used for:

  • Purchase Activity Campaigns – Create campaigns that revolve around certain selected SKUs and SKU groupings within a hierarchy to drive purchases around specific products or categories.
  • Closed Loop Offers – Build a Buy X/Get Y, fixed amount, or percent off coupon applicable on specific SKUs and SKU groups for instant discounting at the point of sale.
  • Loyalty Rule Building – Establish different outcomes around core SKUs to reward customers with points and offers for purchasing selected items, or restrict them from earning points on certain SKUs.
Customer service professionals require easy and fast access to customer data
Challenge: Customer service professionals require quick and seamless access to as much data as possible along with an actionable interface to provide top tier assistance to their customers.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform is able to bridge customer data from all channels, including point of sale systems, web systems, and mobile devices to provide a single, actionable view of each customer. Here are some features to take advantage of:

  • At-a-Glance Customer Profile View – A quick glance of the need-to-know attributes for your customer, including their customer status and loyalty standing along with their most recent interaction and quick assistance links.
  • Customer Event Stream – A real time feed listing all of the customer’s interactions across touchpoints. Includes search and filtering capabilities to locate the exact interaction in question.
  • Notes & Reason Codes – Add or edit a note on a customer’s account and select from a list of created or ingested reason codes to log inquires and keep an eye on customer service trends.
  • Customer Metrics – Gain a deeper understanding of each customer with metrics on customer recency, frequency, and spend along with their predicted lifetime value score for the next 12 months and their propensity to churn.

Offer Management

Marketers are unable to create targeted and impactful offers

Challenge: Marketers can get bogged down building broad based discounts and are unable to create targeted and impactful offers as a way of creating lift, without devaluing their brand.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform enables marketers to target, manage, and view the results of offers, including offers that are redeemed at the point of sale. Here’s how we can help:

  • Audience Creation – Use the Audiences Module to identify and build the right target audience for delivering the most effective offer.
  • Offer Creation – Choose from multiple offer types including buy X get Y, manual fulfillment, and percent check discount, to present the most valuable promotions to each customer.
  • Offer Reporting – View metrics on offer success such as the number of times offers have been earned or claimed, along with basket related purchase details at the point of sale.

Marketers often lack the most relevant data to understand incremental offer lift

Challenge: When deploying offers in-market, marketers are constantly trying to understand the incremental impact each offer has with the customers that receive it.

SessionM Solution By combining point-of-sale and ecommerce purchase data with the offer capabilities of the SessionM Platform, marketers are able to create closed loop offers and view detailed reporting to understand their effectiveness in the marketplace. This can be done with the following features:

  • Closed Loop Offers – Through direct integration with the point of sale and compatible ecommerce experiences, automatically deliver a unique customer offer or discount, verify the customer’s eligibility, and discount the transaction at the point of purchase.
  • Offer Reporting – View offer performance reporting to view metrics behind offer issuance and redemption.
  • Customer Event Stream – View offer redemption and purchase data down to the single customer level within the Customer Care Module.

It is difficult for marketers to deliver an offer at the time when it is most relevant

Challenge: By the time many marketers are able to identify eligible customers and deploy a relevant offer, the moment of greatest impact has passed.

SessionM Solution Along with offer management capabilities, the SessionM Platform is able to deliver engagements at the right time through behaviorally triggered campaigns. Joining the two solutions can enable offer delivery at the moment it matters most, such as when a customer purchases a specific product or hasn’t made a transaction in a defined number of days. Here’s how to take advantage:

  • Real-Time Campaigns – Send an engagement at the moment of impact by triggering it’s delivery based on behaviors ingested into the customer profile.
  • Offer Creation – Choose from multiple offer types including ‘Buy X, Get Y’, percent discount and physical/digital goods to present the most valuable promotions to each customer.
  • Offer Reporting – View offer performance reporting to view metrics behind offer issuance and redemption.


Marketers are trying to move past latency during campaign delivery

Challenge: Marketers are seeking to create campaigns that influence each customer at the exact moment when the campaign is most effective, as opposed to latency caused by disparate systems not functioning together.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform ensures that a marketing campaign is presented at the right time through a number of delivery options including campaign scheduling and automation through customer-initiated interactions. This can be done through a number of features:

  • Scheduled Message – Enables the marketer to choose a date/time to deliver the message and includes the ability to repeat message delivery at a cadence of choice.
  • Triggered Message – Establish a behavior or series of behaviors that a customer must perform to receive the message in real-time, or after a delayed period of time once completing the behavior.
  • Campaign Reporting – Understand the effectiveness of each campaign based on different reporting metrics.

Marketers are seeking a single campaign solution that can engage across channels

Challenge: Using only the more traditional methods of engagement, such as email, is not generating the results marketers are seeking. Ventures into other delivery channels like mobile typically require multiple platforms resulting in an expensive marketing stack and disconnected campaigns.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform is able to act as a single campaign management solution, leveraging a single view of the customer to trigger marketing engagements through third party solutions.

  • Push Notifications – Deliver personalized push notifications or in-app messaging based on real-time triggers, audience segments, or cross-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Inbox Messaging – Present customers a list of targeted notifications for instant navigation to associated content within the app or via an external link.
  • Activity Feed – Customizable tiles that render inside a mobile app in a newsfeed-like fashion, personalized to each of your customers.
Marketers are seeking to engage with customers who are inactive
Challenge: Marketers will frequently target a campaign based on a purchase or additional behavior the customer has made, but they also seek to send messages to users who have been inactive. To reactivate dormant customers, marketers need to engage those who haven’t exhibited a high value behavior over a certain amount of time.

SessionM Solution Through a combination of custom audience building and campaign creation, the SessionM Platform enables marketers to reach lapsed customers with targeted engagements. Here’s how to drive your customers back:

  • Audience Creation – Leverage attributes such as last purchase, number of purchases, or risk of churn to create extremely targeted win-back campaigns.
  • Campaign Creation – Create custom engagements targeted to your specific audience to win back their business.
  • Campaign Reporting – View the effectiveness of the campaign with various reporting to understand the marketing strategies that are resonating with your lapsed customers.

Loyalty Management

Marketers are not seeing value in traditional “Spend X, Get Y” loyalty programs
Challenge: With high operating costs and a lack of high value customer behaviors as a result, marketers are no longer seeing value in traditional “Spend X, Get Y” loyalty programs. They are seeking new, creative approaches to loyalty that will provide more personalized options to the customer.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform allows marketers to create an evolved loyalty strategy leveraging behaviors that go beyond the purchase to increase brand engagement and customer lifetime value. The platform enables this through various loyalty program creation and analysis capabilities, including:

  • Loyalty Tiers – Create a number of tiers that provide different benefits to members. Tiers can have unique entrance and maintenance criteria as well as purchase and event behaviors.
  • Loyalty Rules – Define the evergreen earning opportunities that are the foundation of your loyalty program, including purchases and cross-channel engagement behaviors.
  • Outcomes – Establish the benefits the customer will receive for exhibiting various behaviors, including points, offers, and digital/physical goods.
  • Loyalty Reporting – View reporting on the number of times an action gets completed by a customer along with the number of times a reward has been awarded.
  • Reward Stores – Build a configurable reward store with a number of offers that members can purchase using their earned points. Reward Stores can be available to every member or only to those in a select tier.

Marketers can struggle with tying loyalty to incremental value for the brand

Challenge: After designing a loyalty program and executing loyalty related engagements such as awards and promotions, marketers find it challenging to isolate the incremental value of these engagements to prove the worth of the loyalty program.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform offers a wide array of features to design and execute loyalty related awards and promotions, along with obtaining a single view of each customer to understand resulting behaviors that have taken place on a granular and program wide level. Supporting platform features include:

  • Closed Loop Offers – Present customers with loyalty related promotions and leverage direct integration with the point of sale to understand redemption rate along with incremental sales occurring as a result.
  • Single-View Customer Profile – View a customer’s campaigns received along with resulting high value behaviors, such as purchases or visits, at an individual level.
  • Loyalty Reporting – Gain views on new and returning loyalty customers along with customer retention and engagement data to understand the various levels of effectiveness within your loyalty program.

Marketers are seeking innovative tactics to supplement traditional loyalty programs

Challenge: Traditional loyalty programs frequently lack the extra options to retain customers who may not be interested in the baseline point earning options. Marketers are constantly searching for new and innovative approaches to generate high value customer behaviors.

SessionM Solution The SessionM Platform features a number of options to add value to your loyalty offering, drive increased customer interest in your program and bottom line sales as a result. Here are a few features to explore:

  • Tiering – Implement spend and behavior based tiering systems with customizable complex rules, incentivizing your customers to reach the next program level.
  • Promo Codes – Distribute promo codes to your customers across a variety of channels, redeemable for a number of outcomes including loyalty points and discounts.
  • Reward Types – Offer your customers a choice between a number of loyalty reward options, including discounts at the point of sale, free shipping, and other various incentives.