Admin & Rights Overview

The Admin & Rights Module is where you administer your SessionM Platform accounts. You can create, edit and disable individual accounts, setting access rights at a module level. You can also create groups that share the same configuration of rights access. Groups make it easy to create a set of platform accounts for a particular department, for example Customer Service.


NoteAny account that is given read/write permission to the Admin & Rights Module is considered an administrator account and can create and edit other platform accounts. During the initial onboarding and set up process, SessionM creates one or more administrator accounts for your company.

Admin & Rights Dashboard

The dashboard of the Admin & Rights Module has two tabs: one shows all the individual accounts while the other shows any groups that you have set up.

When viewing the Accounts tab, you can see basic information about each account, including status and the groups to which the individual belongs. Clicking on the person’s name takes you to an edit screen where you can make adjustments to the account, including disabling it. The Add Account button allows you to add new accounts.

The Accounts tab shows all of the platform users.

Accounts View

The Accounts tab displays the individual accounts of each platform user, with the following fields:

Status – Current status of the platform account. Account statuses include the following:

  • Active – Active in your organization.
  • Pending – Not yet confirmed by clicking the link in the email sent when the account was created.
  • Disabled – Disabled by an administrator.

ID – Numeric value identifying the account.

Name – Platform user’s first and last name, entered when the account was created. Clicking the user’s name allows you to edit the account.

Email – Email address of the platform user, entered when the account was created.

Groups – List that identifies the group(s) to which the account belongs.



Keep in mind the distinction between platform user accounts and customer accounts within the platform. Platform user accounts (internal staff) are managed in this module, while customer information is managed in the Customer Profiles Module.

Groups View

The Groups tab displays any groups you have created and lists the members within each group. From here, you can create new groups and edit existing groups. Groups can be very handy when you have a set of users who interact with the platform in the same way and require the same set of permissions.

The “Groups” tab shows all groups and the members.

The Groups tab has the following fields:

Group – Name of the group. Clicking the group name allows you to edit the group.

Members – All members of the group.