About Our Platform

SessionM is a customer data and engagement platform empowering the world’s most innovative brands to forge stronger, more loyal and more profitable customer relationships. Here’s how we help:

One Actionable Customer Profile Across Channels

SessionM syncs customer data from different channels and systems through real-time APIs to create a single, 360-degree customer view. With every action, the customer’s profile is updated within milliseconds and instantly accessible by any system.

Sync data into a single, actionable profile.

With SessionM, you’ll be able to:

  • Stream data from Point-of-Sale systems, e-Commerce, messaging platforms, your mobile app, web and social channels in real time.
  • Update profiles with declared, observed or appended customer data in real time as events occur.
  • Score customers based on key metrics like Recency, Frequency, Spend, LTV, Churn Propensity, or product-specific Purchase Propensity.
  • Filter data to create audience segments based on attributes and update segments in real time.
  • Create dynamic audiences based on customer action or inaction, or create a static snapshot to freeze an audience at a specific moment in time.
  • Instantly deploy data from online and offline sources to all external systems via real-time APIs.

Relevant Cross-Channel Campaigns in Real Time

The SessionM Platform was designed to enable brands to engage with individual customers based on lifecycle events and real-time events that may signal a possible upsell, cross-sell or retention opportunity. Not only does the platform position you to respond to those triggers across any channel, but also it can recommend the next best action to take based on predictive analytics.

Engagement at the moments of impact.

With SessionM, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver content or offer driven campaigns through Email, SMS, Mobile Push Notifications or Mobile Inbox Messaging.
  • Engage in real-time based on actions individual customers take such as making a purchase, watching a video, or filling out their customer profile.
  • Create rules-based promotions that unlock eligibility for an incentive or experience based on a customer taking a specific series of actions.
  • Take action on real-time campaign analytics and optimize against revenue or engagement goals.

Next Generation Offer Management & Loyalty Marketing

The SessionM Platform gives marketers the tools to deploy targeted incentives, promotions and custom loyalty programs that align customer incentives with value creation. With personalization and predictive analytics at its core, SessionM enables you to minimize wasted offers and capture value by predicting the optimal experience, offer or incentive for each individual customer.

Seamless omnichannel experiences.

With SessionM, you’ll be able to:

  • Award customers with loyalty points or currency for transactions and other high value behaviors.
  • Establish loyalty tiers, enabling consumers to unlock program benefits by reaching key milestones. Define rules for tier entrance and maintenance, and associate unique purchase and event benefits to each tier.
  • Create and deploy one-to-one offers with a variety of discount options that can be redeemed across in-store, online and mobile channels.
  • Leverage integrations with major POS systems, providing a simple offer management and loyalty interface at retail for both your customers and cashiers.